We help you stay on track by letting you create commitments, share them with your friends, and report your daily progress.

We believe everyone deserves to live an extraordinary life and achieve the goals you have always wanted. Either it’s lifting more weights, running a marathon, or reaching your financial freedom, you shouldn’t struggle with hitting your goals.

We are four regular dudes who do their best to stay disciplined every single day.

Picture of the team behind Discipline app.
The team behind the Discipline app. From left, Bart, Jacob, Norbert, Luke.





We experiment with various tools to find the one which, in the long run, can help others achieve balance and freedom in life.

We are committed that:

  • You will never feel miserable and disappointed again
  • Discipline App will not let your lousy mindset to interfere with your goals
  • Small daily progress will bring you big long-term results

Nice to meet you, grinder! Now let your journey begin:

  1. Download the app and create your first commitment!
  2. Invite others who can follow your journey
  3. Do something and share your progress!