Keep going, every day.

Whenever you want to achieve something extraordinary, Discipline will get you there. 

Discipline app is a simple way to track progress, journal, and create shared challenges with your friends, all in one place.

So many ways to stay on track.

Create private commitments
Journal the path you follow
Challenge your friends
Track your progress with analytics
Share your progress on social media to motivate others
Report daily progress with notes and photos

Download the Discipline App to your phone.

Set up

Authorize your phone number and create your username.


Create a commitment, either private or shared.


Report your daily progress and attach a photo.

Designed to work for you,
not to distract.

Discipline has been designed to work for you, not to distract. Like no other app, Discipline will help you focus on important things and cut off the time you spend on irrelevant stuff.

Our motto,

Motivation is crap,
what you need is Discipline.

Most people think they need
the motivation to do something

 “If I just felt like running, 
I’d go for a run and crush it!” 

You, too, might think that motivation will help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, this understanding of motivation is nothing else than excitement. Being excited about something is fine, but excitement won’t bring you far away from where you are now.

What you actually need is consistency and patience. But let’s be honest: Consistency over a long period of time is tough. That’s why you need Discipline. Regular progress should become your habit, not an option.

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